Tuesday, September 12, 2017

After Irma

If you aren't aware, my family and I live in Tampa, FL. We are doing well in the aftermath of Irma. By the time she reached us she was only a Category 1. We didn't even lose power on our street. Working to get the house back in order from Hurricane Prep and watching to see what Jose is going to do. Thanks to everyone who was keeping an eye on us. Please send prayers and assistance to those in South Florida who need it. They took the worst of it so we didn't have to.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

It’s Called Chemistry for A Reason

You often see this scenario:

Boy sees Girl, Boy meets Girl. Boy and Girl go on a date.
Boy is handsome/smart/funny/perfect
Girl is beautiful/smart/funny/perfect.

No Spark.


No chemistry or, more accurately, no pheromone reaction.

What is Chemistry?  How does it work?

Well, who cares how it works, we know it does. 

We know there are some people we are more attracted to than others. We know that sometimes when we meet a person that we, or our friends, think we should connect with, for some unidentifiable reason we just don't.


Most species on our planet have some kind of hormonal and/or pheromonal attraction system that helps them choose a mate.  Humans are no different.

Additionally, throughout our own species, we show a variety of conditions that are usually referred to as “abnormalities” in the form of syndromes, genetic mutations, birth defects, etc.  We also show a small percentage of people who are built a little differently, ie:  left-handed people, people with 2 different eye colors, and people with both sex organs.

This being the case I think it only makes sense that there is a percentage of our species who’s bio systems respond to pheromones from the same sex instead of the opposite sex, and still others who’s systems are attracted to both sexes.

We don't choose what types of hormones/pheromones our bodies respond to, it's just the way we are born.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Syrian Refugees - My 2 Cents

I know its been awhile.  I've been spending more time in my studio and reconnecting with my family after my Australian adventure.

SO, I'm weighing in my 2 cents. There has been a lot in the news again lately about the refugee issue thanks to President Trump. 

As a Christian, I put it to other Christians who may be in favor of refusing admittance to refugees:

If you are truly the good Christian you think you are you would remember a few lessons the Bible tries to teach us:

One-the parable of the Good Samaritan.

Two-the Golden Rule. Remember, this rule teaches us to treat others the same way we want to be treated, not the way they actually treat us.

Regarding the Wolf in Sheep's clothing "refugees" that are committing acts of terrorism in the host countries.

(I put them in quotes because I don't consider those individuals as actual refugees, they are people taking advantage of a situation to cause harm.)

Removing one way for these individuals to cause trouble (ie: refusing admittance to refugees) is not going to stop them from finding other ways.  

It will only punish the innocent families who are simply trying to keep their family from harm and death and find a new home so they can go on raising their children in a safe place. 

As a parent, I completely sympathize with this.

We need to remember something else as well.  This country as it stands was started by refugees. Most of the settlers and immigrants came here to escape from something. This is just the current version of what they did. So unless you are a descendant of one of the tribes that were indigenous to these continents before explorers and settlers barged in and took over, there is really no argument that can be made for not excepting more people wanting a new life.